Researchers focus on both domain-specific as well as the technical capability to achieve the accurate demand forecast


While the science and concept of Demand Sensing have been around for several years, its practical  implementation in supply chain planning was rarely adopted due to difficulties in processing & managing a wide variety of data that impact sales demand. Technological improvements today have made it possible for organizations to experiment & implement more advanced concepts in supply chain planning like Demand Sensing using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.

As the focus of supply chain planning shifts solely from an inventory optimization exercise to a revenue-enhancing one with a focus on demand fulfillment to avoid stock out scenarios, getting an accurate demand forecast becomes a critical requirement.


Aptus’s innovative approach makes it possible for organizations to adopt AI/ML techniques and implement cutting edge technologies like Demand Sensing for supply chain planning. aptplan not only facilitates advanced AI/ML algorithms to generate accurate forecasts but also brings a robust data preparation & management solution that enables clients to use internal or external data for accurate demand forecasts. 



Our team deeply researches the functionality, continuously building and defining new algorithms to predict the accuracy of individual industry. Our research areas:

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