Intelligent Supply Chain Planning for greater accuracy

AI / ML based Supply Chain Planning that enables your system to ‘learn’ historical demand behaviour, understand impact of other variables on sales & predict demand with greater accuracy

Today’s Supply Planning Challenge

New-Age Supply Chain Planning

With evolving technologies, it is possible to use AI / ML techniques to process a massive amount of data and create more accurate forecasting models today. aptplan builds upon traditional demand forecasting techniques and enhances the accuracy of prediction by modeling other internal and external factors that influence sales demand. Though the term and the science behind such forecasting are not new, artificial intelligence and the evolving big data technologies make it possible to process massive amounts of data that previously required precious hours of human intervention or relevance – making this is a front line new business tool.


Accurate Demand Forecasting

Demand Sensing with Marketing Insights

Optimized Supply Distribution Planning

Auto Modeling and Hyper Parameter Optimization

Empower Citizen Demand Planners

Higher Customer Demand Fulfillment​

Powered with AI/ML Algorithms, processes & routines to handle internal & external influential parameters, the apt plan delivers highly accurate demand plans for better business and decision making.

Versatile deployment platform options for a new-age Supply Chain planning solution, highly scalable to support business growth

On-Premise | IBM Power | AWS Cloud | MS Azure Cloud | Google Cloud | Vertica | Any Database

On-Premise | IBM Power | AWS Cloud | MS Azure Cloud | Google Cloud | Vertica | Any Database

Industry-specific supply chain planning solutions tailored to meet your needs. Quick configuration & deployment using our data and AI accelerators

Retail / CPG / E-Commerce


Manufacturing / Supply Chain / Industrial Automotive

Chemical / Pharmaceutical

Food Processing

Transport & Logistics

Natural Resources

Our research provide sharp insights into the innovations we have employed in building this new age Supply Chain tool. You will be able to see the use of Big Data technologies like ML and AI and how they have enabled greater accuracy in demand forecasting

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